What our survey said...

We are still pretty young over here - just 5 months old to be exact, but we have arrived at a period in which we starting to look pretty far out in the business to make exciting but important decisions about where we really want to focus our best energies. New products, our shopping experience, how we communicate... so much to consider! 

One day a few weeks back it occurred to us that it's our customers collectively who have as much, if not more intel about our brand than we do. We can assume that you guys like what we are doing if you are spending your hard earned cash on our products, but we can't assume how much you like us, or in what areas you think we are great, vs ok. So we thought, who better to recruit than our very own to help us shine a torch on the future.

We decided to put out a survey. And as we compiled the questions, we realized what a vital exercise it truly was. Because for us, it makes an enormous difference if our customers think our fit is 'good' vs 'great'. We need you guys to help us understand in what areas specifically we need to be better. We need to know how important our products are to you - like, in-your-life-every-day important? Or once-a-month important? We wanted the whole truth. We saw the potential for real progress with your partnership, and we got excited. 

This exercise taught us so much. It connected us powerfully to our core values: the desire to make the best kind of sleepwear, robes and loungewear in our category. To make products that fit the values of modern women. Products that function and fit well, that make women feel good and inspired. It also re-taught us the sheer value and strength of community. Just as the world is connected today in ways we never thought imaginable, the best brands these days are communities, not islands.

I hope you will help us continue the conversation and help build the community that is RECLINER. 

The results are still coming in, but below are a few of your answers... Please keep them coming! 

 - Rebecca Smith, Founder CEO. 


88% of you rated our fit and quality as 'fantastic'
56% of you rated our value as 'excellent', 42% of you said 'good'
68% of you rated our overall product experience as 'much better' than our contemporaries
50% of you said you were 'extremely likely' to shop with us again, and 50% of you said you were 'very likely'


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