3 Hairstyles to Sleep in for Fast Glam Mornings

bedhead morning hair

As much as we hate to admit it, prepping for the day can be time consuming. Not only do we have the outfit planning, there's the schedule to consider and its impact on shoe choice, not to mention what to do with the morning's worst bed-head ever. 

We decided to cut out time by looking into some bed-friendly options that can be prepped the night before. Forget fussing and sweating with tongs the morning of; sleep on these doos and wake up to almost-perfection. Here are our favorites...

1. Bustle gives us seven options including the genius 'fake overnight curl'

2. Refinery 29 introduces the masterful 'fine mess'

3. Marie Claire gives us three twists on the now classic 'top knot'. Works a charm overnight. 

Wear your topknot with the Newspaper Kimono Robe.

Sweet dreams...

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