The 6-Minute Morning Workout

dog stretch good morning

Don't you find it hard to make time to get to the gym in the morning? Leaving the building to get there makes it even tougher. Just a fact of life. For most of us, anyway. 

Thing is though, we really wanted to make working out a part of the daily routine. Every day. No copping out. We recently discovered this little life-changer: a 6-minute workout from Fitwirr - a super easy way to get into the morning workout routine without leaving the apartment or the threat of running late. And the best part: it's 6 minutes. More time for breakfast, more time for hanging in our PJs. Happy chemicals all round. 

First thing's first: stretch. Then run through these 4 quick exercises:

There are lots of variations on these short, fuss-free workouts, like these alternatives from Shape and Greatist.

We're also into Alexa Jean’s Sore to the Core Ab Challenge before slipping into a Newspaper Kimono with a caffeinated beverage. A bit of morning "me time" gives us good vibes and positive energy to start the busy weekdays. 

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