Weekend rituals with FashionedChic.com's Erica Hoida


We caught up with the gorgeous Ms Hoida to get her (surprisingly well-balanced) Top Four weekend rituals...

First thing you do when you get up? 

Snuggle with my daughter (who is usually in our bed nowadays)

Favorite morning activity on a Saturday?

I usually start of most of my days with HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training). I love how I feel after exercising and how it makes my skin glow. It is seriously brutal, but it works and its only 30 minutes.   

What does a weekend breakfast look like for you?

I make a mean French toast - add some fruit and a latte and I'm in heaven.

What is your number 1 weekend guilty pleasure?

Lounging in bed until noon while online shopping for me!

Phew. She is human after all...

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