Bedtime hacks for a better night's sleep

We’ve all been through the seemingly endless cycle of “tired during the day but can’t fall asleep at night.” This week, we’re shedding some moonlight on National Sleep Awareness Week.

Without enough sleep, it’s too easy for the mind to fall into negative patterns. A recent study showed that duration and timing of sleep directly correlated with rumination and OCD thoughts. Conversely it’s scientifically proven that sleep makes the mind feels at more at ease and prepared for the days ahead. Here are five tried and tested bedtime routines along with a few accompanying products to help you on your way to snooze-town.

Day 1: Here’s the tea

Did you know that herbal and floral teas contain flavonoids which help induce sleepiness? Pukka Night Time is pure magic in a cup, combining oat flower, lavender, and limeflower. Other go-to teas we are loving include Nighty Night Valerian and Go the F*ck to Sleep.

Let’s face it, tea tastes even better when you’re bundled up, so grab your cup and curl up in the Unisex Robe. Tip: go for a size larger for ultimate coziness.  

 Day 2: Wanna get some Apps? 

Did you know our phones are the main cause of sleep deprivation today? Not surprising. But technology can also be the sleep fairy when used in the right setting. We found these apps super helpful.

Sleep Cycle: A movement-based alarm clock

Headspace: Sleep-time meditations to relax

White Noise Lite: Cut out those cab horns

Tune in with PJ Set in Bamboo jersey. Our Bamboo blend is not only sleep-inducingly soft, it’s long fibers work to repel moisture, keeping your body temperature on point while you sleep.

Day 3: Podcasts are the new bedtime stories.

Too tired to read? Put your social feed aside and try a podcast. Relaxing options like Nocturne and Stories from the Border of Sleep are filled with creative stories and ASMR in order to trigger relaxing sensations on the body before bedtime. Bedtime stories for grownups? Yes please.

Feels good with: Shorty PJ Set in Cityscape, designed with minimal elastic and fastenings to maximize on bedtime comfort.

Day 4: Beauty sleep is a thing.

Having a routine synchronizes your body to get sleepier more easily, and that goes for nighttime beauty routines, too. We are loving these:-

Super Aqua Snail Sleeping Mask: light and soft

Huxley’s Secret of Sahara Anti-Gravity Cream: Birch Sap and Japanese Timber Bamboo make for a sublimely sleepy combo

A silky robe is a must new a new night-time beauty routine. Try the Kimono Robe in Lipsticks Print - our 16mm high-grade silk is incredibly soft against the skin, and machine-washable too. 

 Day 5: Classic escapism

Reading before bed improves your sleep by reducing stress and helping your body get used to a routine. Make dreams sweeter by switching off the email an hour earlier and inviting these transportive classics into your routine

Persuasion – full of romance, virtues, and vices, in classic Jane Austen style

The Enchantment of Florence – India and Italy come together to create a beautiful fantasy

Bury yourself in our Lounger Robe, the perfect companion to a great book

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