FAST COMPANY reviews the new bamboo sleepwear collection. And it's all good.

Five star review today from the savvy Liz Segran of Fast Company. 

"I tried one of Recliner's bamboo nighties, which costs $85, in between seasons, just as summer was turning into fall—the ideal time to test its effectiveness. The first thing I noticed about the fabric is that it feels like a blend of silk and cotton, since it is both smooth and porous. The gown comes down to below my knees and has a racerback cut, so it looks like a summer maxi dress. I could wear it on a quick Starbucks run while the weather was still warm, and I didn't feel indulgent wearing it while working at my desk from home. It was extremely comfortable to sleep in. It didn't trap heat when outside temperatures were still high, and when they dipped, the gown felt cozy, helping my body warm up under the duvet..."

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