What is your favorite thing to do at home to unplug? 

My favorite thing is to take off my shoes, then change into something comfy and stretch my bare feet and toes through my shag carpet. There is something about the transition into home that I believe requires a shedding process to remove the energy from outside to inside. I grew up in an Asian household, so we always took off our shoes when entering the home. It helps me to feel the texture of ground underneath me as an act of mindfulness that helps place me in the present and at home. The conscious transition is important to me.

What are your favorite parts of your morning routine?

I love my shower. Seriously love it. I recently got a rain shower head and it is truly blissful. I also really like putting on my lipstick before leaving the house. I don't eat breakfast, so I do this right after brushing my teeth. I think it's my favorite because it feels both uniquely feminine and adult for me and signifies that I'm getting ready to go out for the day. I feel more confident and ready -- especially with a bold lip.

What is the last thing you do before bed at night?

I recently learned to do a little electrical work and installed my own voice-activated smart recessed lighting and switches. I have been delighting in the geeky joys of dimming the lights, setting wake-up lights, setting reminders and alarms for myself, and turning everything off with my voice. This sounds so tech-nerdy of me, but the last voice I hear at night is the Google Home voice! 

What are you reading or listening to currently to help you unwind?

Reading: Thich Nhat Hanh, David Sedaris, Anything magical realism (Murakami, Marquez, Morrison), Jane Austen, Thursday Next - A Series by Jasper Fforde (Female heroine who fights crime with some magic and serious literary smarts. 

Podcasts: Love and Radio and Call Your Girlfriend

Music: My Spotify "Guilty pleasure soulful girly diva mix," Chopin, Otis Reading, and the score to Scheherazade.

Name three things you need in your bedroom at all times.  

The first is a light, soft yet tactile duvet or throw. I feel cozier with covers or at least a sheet to throw over me, even when it's hot. Second, pillows -- lots of them. Third, something to read or a small notebook by my bedside. Even though I don't use it often, I like knowing I can jot something down when it keeps me up. You never know what dreams may become. 

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