Our top 3 natural remedies for the best night's sleep

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Need a few tips? We tried and tested a bunch of natural remedies but it was these three made the cut...

Cherry juice
We are swearing by this. Drink 8oz in the afternoon and another 8oz about 1hr before bed. Cherries have a ton of melatonin and tryptophan so not only do they help you fall asleep, but also stay asleep. Double win.

You know when you drink a ton of beer and feel super mellow and groovy? (or just pretend) Hops act as sedatives - super effective. Avoid a beer belly (and hangover) and pick up the 
tea version instead.

The passionflower in herb form is natural treatment for anxiety. Won't knock you out but will chill you into a bed-ready head state. Tastes pretty good too. 

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