#SYWTTT: Rhonesha Byng Creates *Her Agenda* Every Morning

In her early 20s, Rhonesha was already an Emmy award winning producer at NBC New York, and the recipient of awards from the Associate Press and other organizations. At 27, she made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list as the CEO and founder of Her Agenda, a digital media platform “bridging the gap between ambition and achievement for millennial women.”

How did she do it? “When I was first getting into my career in college, I did a lot of all-nighters because I was having to do both schoolwork and build my company. There was this narrative at the time, that life was about hustling all the time without sleeping. But when people started crashing, we realized – we can’t keep going this hard without paying the consequences,” says Byng. “Now, even if I have to stay up late, I wake up later to make sure I get the sleep I need.”

We spoke with Rhonesha Byng to find out more about her daily at-home routine, taking back her agenda, one morning at a time.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

 I started HerAgenda in 2008 in my college dorm room. I really wanted to change the perception of what powerful women look like and become a role model to young women who are up and coming. From the time I started my career in journalism at 16, I turned my personal motto into an acronym, N.E.S.H.A., No one Ever Stole Her Agenda. That became the inspiration to create a media platform, and I’m driven every day by my calling – becoming a force for women to take back the media.

What is your daily routine?

I make mornings my own. Instead of being influenced by the outside world at the start of the day, I wake up and grab my notebook to write three things I’m grateful for. Then, I get ready before looking through my inbox. I’ll briefly check Instagram, Twitter, and log into Trello to look over my priorities for the day. Then, I walk and feed my dog, without my phone, before leaving for the office. I like to be proactive rather than reactive.

Especially when I was starting out, every day I would tell my mentors and close friends my daily goals so that I could be held accountable. My friends started checking in with me asking, what are you doing today?” “What’s the goal for today?” Success for me is built on being impeccable to your word on a daily basis.

What do you do to unplug?

Every weekend I make sure I have at least one “do nothing day” where I don’t open my laptop, and I don’t feel guilty about it. Right now I’m reading Drop the Ball by Tiffany Dufu, about prioritizing what’s important for each of us instead of manipulating ourselves into feeling we need to be “perfect” in all aspects of our lives based on societal expectations.

What is the last thing you do before bed at night?

I like to cook. Besides saving money, I need to decompress after being in front of a computer all day. I’ll eat dinner and have a glass of wine while catching up on my personal Instagram and group chats. Then, I’ll light some candles and get ready for bed. I try to get in bed by 11 o’clock (depending on the day) to wind down before falling asleep.

Name three things you need in your bedroom at all times.

My candles, Palo Santo to cleanse the energy of my sleep space, and a notebook. It’s important to me that my bedroom is aesthetically beautiful and clean, like you would experience if you were to go to a hotel. It’s important to me to be able to take a deep breath at the end of the day and feel like where I am is where I want to be.

What’s your favorite RECLINER item?

I love robes! I’m really into the Newspaper Kimono and the Lounger Robe.


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