When Jeannette Ferran Astorga isn’t traveling across various time zones or in her New York City office with her team spearheading women’s causes across the globe, you can find her at a high energy workout class or with her husband and son on Manhattan's Upper East Side.

“I’m very disciplined with my schedule, and sleep is 100% one of my top priorities,” says Jeannette. “If I don’t sleep, I can’t function because of the intensity of my days. I make a real effort to plan my days so that I have seven to eight hours of sleep every night.” We interviewed Jeannette to learn more about what fuels her success. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I’m the global head of the corporate responsibility and philanthropy team for a  women’s retailer. On a professional level, this involves leading a team of associates who are based in different parts of the world. Our team drives forward various high-impact initiatives from advocating for women's causes, including empowering leadership to support global health related initiatives. Being a steward for this work and helping bring a company’s purpose to life is incredibly rewarding.

What is your daily routine? 

It all comes down to the way I set up my day. I wake up early so that my mornings aren’t rushed, and read The Wall Street Journal with my shot of espresso, catch up on personal stuff, and work out. With a high-stress role, I like to release everything with a morning exercise class. I love living in New York because there are so many studios to choose from!

I also make sure to set aside time for mentoring young professionals in the fields of sustainability and philanthropy, and connect with people who inspire me professionally. During the workday, I spend a lot of the day in meetings helping my team meet development goals and projects.

How do you unwind? 

When I leave the office, I come home to my husband and son. We commit to having family dinner as many nights of the week as we can where we put away the phones, and spend time enjoying dinner and talking about our day.  For me, cooking and creating something at the end of the day is a time to unwind.

I’ve started listening to podcasts and audiobooks on my commute home from work on the subway, it helps me decompress and take my mind off of work. I’ve been loving something lighthearted and funny in the evenings – such as The Skinny Confidential, focused on wellness, fitness, and beauty.  

 What’s the last thing you do before bed?

I’ll usually read for 30 minutes next to my son, each of us reading our own books. Recently I’ve been reading How Remarkable Women Lead by Joanna Barsh and Susie Cranston. Then, I’ll light some scented candles or burn essential oils and get ready for bed. Feeling really clean and ready for bed at the end of the day is delicious to me. Anyone who knows me knows how important sleep is to me, and I’m usually the first one in bed in my home!

What are your bedroom essentials? 

Having a beautifully made bedspread is a huge priority for my husband and me. It’s the best feeling to get into a well-made bed at the end of a long day! We also recently painted our bedroom walls a darker tone and upgraded our bed – one of the best investments we’ve made.

What is your favorite RECLINER item?

There are many! I love the Night-Tee Sleep Dress. The minute I walk in the door, I get out of my work clothes and get into something more comfortable. The styles from RECLINER are perfect for sleep, but also for getting things done around the apartment and spending time with my family. Recently my son hugged me before bed and noticed how soft my Sleep Dress felt – needless to say he kept hugging me for a few more seconds – which was the best gift at the end of my day. 


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