The Team Bamboo Collection: A word from our founder, Rebecca Smith

Hey folks, 

I'm so excited about the launch of the #TeamBamboo collection this week, I wanted to spill the Cheerios in more detail, direct to you. 

This collection is truly a revelation for sleepwear design and is the new RECLINER year-round standard - because this collection is built to wear every day of the year. 

RECLINER was formed last year from my belief that sleepwear should never be an afterthought, and good design should not come at such a high price. The sleepwear market was tired and lacking in innovation. I wanted to improve fit, price, quality... to inspire our customer and make her feel that she was in her own skin - still style-conscious, just more comfortable. No compromise. 

The further along I’ve come, the more I have come to realize that there's more to this mission. Why shouldn't what you wear to bed be as important to you as the bed sheets you choose? We spend 30% of our lives in bed. Sleep is damn important, and the world is starting to wake up and realize that we are neglecting that fact. Yet a tired market has led us to hit snooze on our sleepwear choices: the options just haven't been available to us. I was inspired to dig deeper to find ways to build a better sleep experience into our RECLINER offerings. 

The new Team Bamboo collection combines a modern design aesthetic with extreme comfort and functionality. First of all, our bamboo jersey is as soft as silk-cashmere, but without the price-tag. Seriously, it's that luxurious. Not only this, but bamboo's extra long fibers make it uniquely cool to the touch and quickly adaptive to body temperature, repelling moisture to keep you cool in bed. Whatever the season, wherever you travel, the Team Bamboo collection is #BuiltForBed. 

We rigorously crafted five new year-round essential styles in our signature streamlined style - modern, wearable, big on comfort. Neatly finished with baby hems, delicate binding and reusable travel bags. 

Make the Lounger Robe your first stop. You won't regret it. 


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