'Tis the Season for Self Care


The holidays are upon us again, and in the midst of purchasing, packing, cleaning, party-going, and working, it can be difficult to remember self-care. Since the body clock doesn't magically pause for the holiday season, carving out time for sleep, fitness, and quiet time is 100% necessary. 

We've been lucky enough to have met many amazing women this year, all of whom have shared their wisdom, honesty, and best tips for staying calm. Read on to see highlights and useful tidbits from those articles that might help you get through this jolly season. 


From Jenn Louie, CEO of Kinvite:

"My favorite [way to unwind] is to take off my shoes, then change into something comfy and stretch my bare feet and toes through my shag carpet. There is something about the transition into home that I believe requires a shedding process to remove the energy from outside to inside. 

It helps me to feel the texture of ground underneath me as an act of mindfulness that helps place me in the present and at home. The conscious transition is important to me." 

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From Leanna Rosenman, Project Heal co-founder:

"At around 9 p.m., I turn off my computer and phone, and watch Netflix while eating dessert. Then I get to bed around 10 p.m. Not checking emails or social media after 9 p.m. has been a challenge, but it helps me be in the moment while I wind down from the day." 

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From Amy Hwang, artist & New Yorker cartoonist:

"If I find myself losing steam, I’ll take a nap and once I’m refreshed, I’ll continue working. The feeling of accomplishment relieves a lot of my stress."

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From Dr. Jennifer Guttman, therapist :

"Good sleep hygiene is important for quality of sleep, and following a nightly routine cues to the brain to get ready for rest. Know when to cut off caffeine in the afternoon, and lower alcohol intake at night, which can disrupt sleep. Also, make sure to turn off led lights and screens! The light from screens actually increases brain activity instead of calming you down. Keep your sleep space as dark and quiet as possible."

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From Jeannette Ferran Astorga, global head of the corporate responsibility and philanthropy:

"I’ll light some scented candles or burn essential oils and get ready for bed. Feeling really clean and ready for bed at the end of the day is delicious to me. Anyone who knows me knows how important sleep is to me, and I’m usually the first one in bed in my home!"

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From Kathryn Cornelius, founder of Whole Human Alchemy and Consulting :

"I try to stay off Instagram until around 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. to fully focus on my inner self. I’ve [also] developed my own method of sleep meditation, or a yoga nidra experience." To try Kathryn's sleep meditation, click here!

From Paige Padgett, celebrity makeup artist :

"Right before bed, I’ll cleanse my skin and use different products and serums depending on what I’m targeting. Nighttime is when your skin repairs itself, so any work you do at night with your skin has a greater payoff."

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Have your own tips for self-care this season? Leave them in the comments, we'd love to know! 

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