Hey, we're Recliner

We believe in sleeping your way to the top. No really. Success for us starts and ends with a great night’s sleep and what you wear to bed can seriously impact the quality of that sleep. 9/10 of our customers today tell us that our products have helped improve their sleep — it's a start, right? 😉

You could say we have strong feelings about pajamas — you’d be right. First off, we think pajamas should be functional, delightful and built for every day (ideally for as many hours in the day as humanly possible). We think that pajamas should be easy to shop and quick to deliver. So we give you a clean shopping experience, an insanely awesome customer experience crew and Same Day Shipping.

So goodbye malls, goodbye ugly holiday pjs. Say hello to the most comfortable pajamas on the planet - and your best sleep ever.

Each Morning, A chance to do Better

85% of all clothing on the planet ends up in landfills. Staggering isn’t it? Here at RECLINER, we’re into slow consumption. We believe in taking time to perfect fewer, more useful products. Products you can enjoy season after season, every day of the year.

Natural is always better - especially when it comes to the skin and sleep. So we work to zero-out the use of pesticides and artificial irrigation. Clean dyes and fewer chemicals result in less waste water, less irritation and happier skin — so you can rest easy.

RECLINER products are 95% biodegradable and carbon neutral, meaning they can revert fully back to nature. In 2020 we even introduced 100% biodegradable packaging 🎉 We are proud to work with mill partners who use sustainable harvesting methods and green technologies that minimize their use of energy and contribute positively to the planet. For us, every morning gives us the chance to get better. We hope you agree.

Introducing Dreamtech®

We spend 30% of our lives in bed. Here at RECLINER, we spend the other 70% of our lives designing, developing and day-dreaming about pajamas.

Obsessively engineered to improve sleep comfort, each pajama style in the Dreamtech® range is rigorously streamlined to maximize airflow, minimize bulk and do away with unnecessary tangling in bed.

Our Dreamtech® fabrics are built using strong, durable fibers that are exceptionally light, impossibly soft and refreshingly breathable, working to naturally deodorize and regulate body temperature during sleep. The result? The most delicious sleep imaginable, and a happier, healthier start to your day.

"I'll never sleep in anything else."